Star Signposts: Weeks of New and First Quarter Moons April 26 – May 9

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New SolLunar Cycle in sidereal Aries

“Grizzlies Digging” watercolor by Sue Ewald Cedarholm

Wild times often demand wilder behavior ~ wild, meaning breaking free of the tame, safe places and behaviors that no longer work for us while learning to trust more deeply the autonomy of our wild hearts. I had a seminal dream in March that showed me how timelines and events would greatly accelerate come May 2017, implying opportunities would appear that we didn’t think we were quite prepared for. Yet, in truth, we have been preparing for these shifts for many years. This New SolLunar cycle in sidereal courageous, initiating Aries mirrors this potential acceleration as well as the need to act, sooner than later. The key with Aries is to use the strength of your will and willpower for self-mastery, rather than dominating and seeking to lord over others. A choice is at hand for many. After Mercury turns direct May 3, the pondering of the past three weeks that took place in your inner world will begin to take concrete shape in your outer world.

For this entire SolLunar Cycle, I am pleased to post new spring watercolors by my friend, Sue Cederholm. You can view and purchase her many inspiring, colorful art forms at Inspired Wild Designs. Thank you, Sue!


ECLIPSE MINI-READINGS: I am offering mini-readings for $44 (a number associated with living your Mastery on Earth) from now until the end of August. In this short reading, I will let you know where this historic Solar Eclipse is taking place in your personal chart, which helps identify where and how these dynamic energies are encouraging you already, NOW, to step out of one life and into the next exciting phase. Please send me an email if that interests you. Thank you!

NOTE: I post twice a month, on the New Moon (which will include the two weeks of New Moon and First Quarter Moon) and on the Full Moon (which will include the two weeks of Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon). I will add periodic updates throughout each post, so check back throughout these two week segments for current additions. Working with the natural unfolding of time and supportive cosmic energy of each unique SolLunar Cycle, you will find your life flow with more ease and grace. In addition, my interpretations and predictions are based on the true sidereal astronomical alignments. You can read about my unique way of interpreting astrology at this link: EarthWord SkyWord sidereal readings. Even NASA is onboard now with the sidereal zodiac!


Here is a list of New Moon characteristics compliments of my friend/sidereal colleague Nick Anthony Fiorenza from LunarPlanner:

“Beginning the Sprouting Phase of the Lunar Cycle, a new theme emerges, a new idea or concept sprouts forth. This is an inner message, an impulse expressing from a field of all possibilities deep within the unconscious mind. Often this process is one of discovery, slowly revealing a simple theme over a day or two, or it may be quite clear and specific, even suggesting a major life change. The New Moon is a perfect time for meditation or a quite walk—to go within self and listen.”


Here’s a picture from Star Walk of the New SolLunar cycle in sidereal Aries:

Wed April 26

New SolLunar Cycle in Aries: When both the Sun and Moon join forces in Aries, sparks are flying, impatience can be on the rise, and a willingness to demand change happen sooner than later are all part of the emotional mix of today. The first day of a New SolLunar Cycle sets the tone for the coming month, so these themes will dominate the coming four weeks. It will be a time for many to take a leap of faith. These energies provide more fuel for certain infernos currently smoldering around the Earth, so keep your prayers and intentions for calmer and cooler heads (Aries’s body association) to prevail.

Moon in Aries sextile Neptune in Aquarius: This aspect provides a calmer energy to this new beginning, awakening our imaginations to seek creative and compassionate solutions to conflicts or projects.

Thu April 27

Moon/Ceres conjunction in Taurus: This aspect can bring news to people about real estate and the possibility of housing options popping up. It’s a sensual aspect given the nature of Taurus, a sign that likes comfort and comfort food, so you might give in to a sudden craving today. Give thanks to those who bring both financial and emotional security to your life.

Fri April 28

Moon/Mars Taurus: To be emotionally passionate, driven, combative are various elements of this lineup, which happens first thing this morning. Choose wisely how you will use this dynamo. Heated, direct discussions involving finances might arise.

Mercury retrograde/Uranus conjunct in Aries: Suddenly, things become very clear, or a communication comes out of the blue to guide you forward to your next step. When these two unite again on May 9, after Mercury has turned direct, that’s when the real action may take place. Be open to receiving the message/s today.

Sat April 29

Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces: Tomorrow, the rare exact square of healing Chiron to stern Saturn takes place, potentially bringing conflicts to a head. Events today might serve as a trigger to what might happen. The Gemini Moon is talkative, curious, or sees things as black and white, right and wrong. Some are dogmatic in how they see the world and others choose to be diplomatic. You can be of genuine benefit to help ease tensions for the many hot zones of conflict happening on our planet by visualizing positive diplomacy between all parties.

Sun April 30

Chiron in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius: Chiron often appears as a healing bridge or a healing crisis that ultimately brings about a new reality. Saturn can represent the status quo, or a desire to reform the current structures/infrastructures of our world. Bridges might literally collapse or be built today. Solutions that are lasting must involve both visionary ideas (Sagittarius) and compassionate feelings (Pisces), building bridges between the heart and mind.

Moon in Gemini square Pallas Athene in Pisces: This aspect is excellent for deciding which of the many choices presenting themselves holds the most promise or interest. It’s great for planning ahead, organizing details for a future event.

Mon May 1 ~ May Day

Moon/Vesta conjunction in Cancer: Today, a holy day, marks a moment in which our Sun has reached the halfway point (in our Northern Hemisphere) between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Events can appear that help you know you are almost there toward meeting a future destiny you have been desiring. With the emotional Moon and fiercely focused Vesta aligning in Cancer, issues linked to home, real estate, caregiving, food, parenting may require attention today.


First Quarter Moon

” Peeking out of the Squall” watercolor by  Sue Ewald Cedarholm

Here’s a list of the First Quarter Moon characteristics compliments of my friend/sidereal colleague Nick Anthony Fiorenza ~

“The First Quarter Moon of each lunar cycle draws an external stimulus to initiate action as we move from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter. Now is the time to drop all hesitation and take the steps to move forth on what you were inspired about…it is time to now participate in trust and knowing. Trust in the process. Demonstrate this trust in physical action and you will be supported. This time is stressful or traumatic only if action is ignored. Simply, this phase is a time to work.”


Tue May 2

Last day of Mercury retrograde: When our planetary ruler of travel, communication, communication systems, technology and vehicles (Mercury) is at a still point, about to leave retrograde tomorrow, all of the above arenas can go figmo (berserk) or fix themselves (I have witnessed this). Also, make final revisions on paperwork so you are ready to sign on the dotted line in the coming days.

Wed May 3

Mercury turns direct: Out of clarifying your intentions and plans the past three weeks, today brings communications that confirm what you set in motion or secretly desired.

Sun in Aries sextile Neptune in Aquarius: Teamed up with Mercury turning direct, this exciting and optimistic aspect renews faith and courage in your endeavors. It’s very creative and spiritually-minded as well, so spend time pursuing those arenas, or sign up for a class or group where you are co-nurtured by community.

Thu May 4

Moon/North Lunar Node conjunction in Leo: This aspect builds upon yesterday’s forward momentum and with the Leo Moon, playfulness, joy, and creative drives that are coming from your future self (the meaning of the North Lunar Node) take the lead.

Fri May 5

Grand Trine in Fire: Moon in Leo/Sun in Aries/Pluto/Juno in Sagittarius: A highly energized day is in store for us with this ease-filled, inspirational trine of Fire, excellent for athletic adventures and motivational surges, extraordinary energy.

Sat May 6

Moon in Virgo opposite Chiron/Venus in Pisces: It’s a great day for yard work involving both clean-up and planting seeds for future nourishment. This might also be a metaphor for other aspects of your life. Working things through to find better solutions is possible today.

Sun May 7

Moon/Jupiter retrograde conjunction in Virgo: Look for this stunning conjunction after sunset tonight. The combo of the emotional Moon with exuberant, larger-than-life Jupiter can increase people’s emotional expressions, outbursts and can lead to over-indulging in drama. The tempering influence of Virgo helps you analyze your emotions so you aren’t just irrationally acting out. Virgo helps us make better dietary choices, too, or will bring issues to a head in terms of underlying health issues. A purging is possible.

Mon May 8

Sun in Aries trine Juno in Sagittarius: This will bring cooperation to all kinds of partnerships. A helpful person might enter your life or you can help another find their footing.

Moon in Libra opposite Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries: The relational and communicative part of this aspect (Libra Moon) stands in opposition to the erratic and independent Mercury/Uranus aspect. Quirky conversations, brainstorming, not attaching to words spoken are all a good idea today. Be more spontaneous than controlled today.

Tue May 9

Mercury/Uranus finale in Aries: These two have been doing a planetary dance through March and April, encouraging you to bust up old ideas about yourself or what you thought your life should look like. You can now feel more risk-taking joy to move forward as you come to trust your wilder HeartMind.

Sun in Aries trine Pluto in Sagittarius: This is also an aspect that brings forward motion, great strength and abundant energy all day long.


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