Star Signposts: Full Moon/Last Quarter Moon ~ November 3 – 17

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Full Moon in sidereal Libra/Aries

“Inner-Glow” acrylic painting by Alison Brush

What a dynamic two-week period lies ahead, especially in regards to our roles in the world, the quality of our relationships, the need to take action based on what we feel is fair and just in unfolding events around us. Time to see clearly that which is ending or already over and willingly open to new bonds/ways of being that are still in the formative stages.

I would like to share this awareness that came to me in regards to the series of SolLunar Cycles we are transiting and how they each build upon the challenges and gifts of the previous one. The Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017  provided the cosmic impetus and energy to dramatically shift to a new level of life experience calling us forth. It was the Opening. The New Moon of September 19 was about Moving Out of our old life/intentions in some way based on the clarity that followed the Opening. Our current New Moon of October 19 is about Moving On, grounding in the new foundation, like setting up a new shop or home environment or inhabiting a more expansive heart space. The upcoming SolLunar Cycle beginning November 18 will involve Moving Forward, now having more stability beneath our feet and clarity in our hearts. This insight exactly mirrors my personal experience. Perhaps it will be helpful to you.

During this period, two important historic cycles will culminate: Saturn trine Uranus and Pluto/Juno conjunction, both climaxing on November 11. The breath-taking diamond delight of the Jupiter/Venus conjunction, to be witnessed just before sunrise, will happen for several days surrounding November 12-16, not to be missed!

Thank you, beloved friend, Alison Brush, for allowing me to highlight your paintings that capture the mysterious intersections and interfaces between our spiritual and physical dimensions. See more of her visionary art and read her Artist Statement at Alison Brush.


ECLIPSE-INTEGRATION MINI-READINGS CONTINUE: I am offering my mini-readings for $44 (a number associated with living your Mastery on Earth) as this Total Solar Eclipse is still very much in play in our lives for the coming months. In this short reading, I will let you know where this historic Solar Eclipse is taking place in your chart, along with other personal transits, which helps identify how these dynamic energies are encouraging you NOW to step out of one life and into the next exciting phase. Please send me an email if that is of interest to you. Thank you!

NOTE: I post twice a month, on the New Moon (which includes the two weeks of New Moon and First Quarter Moon) and on the Full Moon (which includes the two weeks of Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon). As you work with and within the natural flow of time and supportive cosmic energies of each unique SolLunar Cycle, life will flow with more ease and grace. My interpretations and predictions are based on the true sidereal astronomical alignments. You can read about my unique way of interpreting astrology at this link: EarthWord SkyWord sidereal readings. Even NASA is onboard now with the sidereal zodiac!

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Full Moon in sidereal Libra/Aries

“Sky-Music” acrylic painting by Alison Brush

Here is a brief synopsis of the Full Moon characteristics that hold true for every Full Moon from my from my friend and sidereal colleague Nick Anthony Fiorenza at Lunar Planner.

“The Full Moon marks the point of coition in the lunar cycle, the climax, the point of excitement, a time of celebration. The day just after the Full Moon is a time for the realization of the theme to emerge, of what the activities of the first half of the lunar cycle, culminating into the enthusiasm of the Full Moon, are really about. Relax and allow this realization to occur. There is no need to force it as it surfaces on its own.”

Fri November 3

Full moon in sidereal Libra/Aries in trine/sextile to Neptune: It is of cosmic significance (meaning pay attention) that the New Moon of October 19 was aligned with shocking, risk-taking Uranus and now, two weeks later, the Full Moon is in synch with spiritually-uplifting and imaginative Neptune, encouraging us to open further to exciting emerging possibilities. Trines and sextiles function as softening aspects in the sky-science of astrology, in contrast to the polarizing and glaring opposition of Sun and Moon. One could expect to have a creative gift of inspiration with this Full Moon or be shown the true nature of what’s really going on in a relationship, cutting through illusions, even deceptions. Aries expresses as bold personal initiatives while Libra expresses as a desire for justice or harmony between all parties. This is a portal of great courage and support to move forward, if one is ready.

Venus in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries: This aspect culminates around the same time as tonight’s Full Moon, adding spark, fireworks or explosiveness to an already amped-up cosmic cocktail of awakening. There can be sudden solutions or a quick shift in mood, especially in regards to relationships.

Sat November 4

Sun in Libra square Ceres in Cancer: Negotiations surrounding the home/environmental arenas are possible with this aspect. Squares show up as tension or the need to be more decisive in terms of handling a situation. This aspect can lead to the filing of lawsuits in relationship to environmental or food issues. Some might make a decision to take in a family member who is struggling, or ask them to leave.

Moon in Aries square Lunar Nodes: The Full Moon energies continue to push us into new habits and ways of relating in our key relationships, relinquishing patterns of the past for new ways of communicating one’s needs to the world.

Saturn re-enters Sagittarius: I breathe a sigh of relief as I write about this aspect. The past two and a half years, serious Saturn was transiting sidereal Scorpio. This has been challenging to our personal and collective worlds as we were asked to release, release, release, sometimes against our will, in order to fulfill the wishes of our Higher Will, our more awakened Selves that are always guiding us toward more fulfilling lives. Now, Saturn slowly marches back into warrior, tell-it-like-it-is, adventurous Sagittarius for the coming two + years. We might feel we are ascending from the deep, dark depths as we collectively return to the sunlight, galactic Light of Sagittarius. Feel the return of fire to your belly and set in motion, with renewed confidence, your own versions of adventure.

Sun November 5

Moon in Taurus opposite Mercury in Scorpio: The need for emotional, familiar comfort is pitted against the internal mental awareness change is coming and needs to be embraced. This aspect is good for examining your financial picture, paying bills, committing to saving more.

Moon in Taurus trine Mars in Virgo: This is a productive aspect with great endurance to plow through tasks, especially the more boring ones of daily maintenance. Clean and beautify your living/work spaces, a practical kind of sacrament.

Mon November 6

Saturn in Sagittarius sextile Vesta in Libra: Reformulate your investments or examine where you want to place your focus on an issue/creative project. It’s also good to partner up with someone to help fulfill your goals, be that a professional counselor of some sort. Ask a friend to help you with some heavy-lifting. That can include physical stuff or in regards to an emotional weight you have been carrying.

Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius: Now that Saturn is transiting sunnier Sagittarius, these weekly alignments with the emotional Moon might, just might, feel a bit easier than in recent months. Gemini Moon is exceptionally curious, talkative, embraces the full range of diversity. Read, study a language, plan a trip, research tech upgrades that might lead to a purchase.

Tue November 7

Mercury in Scorpio quincunx Pallas Athene in Aries: This aspect is about financial strategies that need to be adjusted (think of the current Tax Bill fight). It is excellent for fine-tuning a design issue you have had or deciding if a creative idea is feasible or if you should let it go.

Moon in Gemini trine Jupiter in Libra: This happy trine supports ease in communications and negotiations today. It’s perfect for a bountiful lunch in a beautiful place with a cherished friend.

Moon in Gemini square Mars in Virgo: This somewhat aggressive aspect takes hold in the evening hours, possibly leading to discussions you’ve been avoiding. One topic might be about responsibility for chores or confronting different standards in regards sloppiness or orderliness, including personal hygiene.

Wed November 8

Sun in Libra sextile Juno in Sagittarius: This aspect culminates at sunrise and can lead to an amicable, cooperative atmosphere within your home. It’s a nice day for sharing time with a beloved or colleague, getting to know each other better, even after many years.

Moon in Gemini opposite Juno/Pluto in Sagittarius: Countering then co-countering, going back and forth, discussing details of a contract or deal are part of the negotiations of today.

Thu November 9

Sun in Libra sextile Pluto in Sagittarius: This can lead to a loving release or resurrection in a relationship, recognizing how each party as changed, grown, out-grown, the old form of self, even a partnership. The sextile functions as the excitement to move forward to the next phase.


Last Quarter Moon

“Runoff” acrylic painting by Alison Brush

Here is a description of the qualities of the Last Quarter Moon phase compliments of my friend and sidereal colleague, Nick Anthony Fiorenza at Lunar Planner:

“This phase completes with our Inner Needs surfacing to consciousness, to become aware of what is important to self and what is not. Knowing now what our Truth is, it is time to consciously live it. Doing so provides a choice for others to also live theirs. Changing allows us to spiral to a new octave of experience—one that will eventually sprout in the next lunar cycle to come.”

Fri November 10

Last Quarter Moon: Moon/Ceres/North Lunar Node conjunction square Sun in Libra: This particular Last Quarter Moon (releasing the past, looking toward the future) will be momentous for many given its linkage to the Lunar Nodes (guideposts of where we’ve been and where we are headed next). Given the influence of Sun in Libra, partnerships and issues of justice have been the themes of this SolLunar Cycle. The Cancer Moon calls forth the need to define how we want our home situations to be, to feel, to function. Remember that much of what is emerging now was strongly planted by the seeds of intention during our two life-changing Eclipses earlier this year. The momentum to move forward crescendos, culminates, climaxes for many.

Sat November 11

Grand Fire Trine of Saturn/Uranus/Moon: This historic completion of the transformational trine of status-quo Saturn to revolutionary Uranus marks another threshold we are crossing collectively that will create real and lasting change. This isn’t a one day event, like many of the transits I write about. It’s slow-moving and one of the many cosmic echoings resonating through our unified Field of Earth at this time. It is one that has given me hope all year that slowly but surely, WE are moving in the right direction. To have the Leo Moon, this Moon of Regulus, the star of personal integrity, completing this sky triangle today, calls forth even more faith to stay authentic and optimistic in these revolutionary, evolutionary times.

Pluto/Juno final conjunction in Sagittarius: This deconstructive aspect that is beaming onto our Earth most of 2017 continues to bring death/rebirth to key relationships of all kinds, and also has manifested as very destructive weather. Juno rules relationships and weather, and Pluto, the great composter, ensures that rock-bottom reality will be revealed and imbalances of all kinds must finally be addressed. Today’s final conjunction symbolizes we are now entering a new long phase of reconstruction, rebuilding. This will take many years to manifest. Take heart we are moving in the right direction. May you find a way to participate in the shift with greater dedication and joy.

Sun in Libra square Lunar Nodes: I know I sound repetitive, but this aspect, too, marks another turning point in our core relationships. Libra rules art/beauty, justice, relationships, and as the Sun makes an annual square to the path of your past (South Lunar Node) and the pathway to your future (North Lunar Node), all those arenas are finding or exploring new ground today.

Sun November 12

Jupiter/Venus annual conjunction in sidereal Libra: This aspect is exact tomorrow but we will experience it’s splendor and beauty for a few days. Arise early and see if you can catch a glimpse just before sunrise, as these two brightest jewels conjoin in an exact embrace. Venus is currently in the Morning Star phase, symbolizing a new dawning in our hearts and desires. Amplifying, uplifting Jupiter does just that: amplifies, ignites, uplifts all that we are moved to love, to value, to create. Venus also rules what we consider to be ethical and moral behavior, and Jupiter, currently transiting real-time, sidereal Libra, ensures justice will be served for unethical or immoral actions. What a magnificent, reverent gift this conjunction is to our Earthly Field at this time. Give thanks, say prayers, set intentions, for you, your people, our world.

Moon in Leo square Mercury in Scorpio: The emotional Moon is transiting a fiery, sounding-off part of Leo and makes a tense square to possessive, controlling, determined Mercury in Scorpio. Truths come out, what is most important to you is revealed, and conversations can turn combative in an instant.

Mon November 13

Jupiter/Venus annual conjunction in sidereal Libra: Today, this aspect is exact, so I repeat yesterday’s post. Arise early for this one and see if you can catch a glimpse just before sunrise, as these two brightest jewels conjoin in an exact embrace. Venus is currently in the Morning Star phase, symbolizing a new dawning in our hearts and desires. Amplifying, uplifting Jupiter does just that: amplifies, ignites, uplifts all that we are moved to love, to value, to create. Venus also rules what we consider to be ethical and moral behavior, and Jupiter, currently transiting real-time, sidereal Libra, ensures justice will be served for unethical or immoral actions. What a magnificent, reverent gift this conjunction is to our Earthly Field at this time. Give thanks, say prayers, set intentions, for you, your people, our world.

Mercury in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius: Mercury/Neptune alignments uplift our thoughts, and encourage us to use the infinite power of imagination to make a new world. Today’s square requires focus and intention to function best, otherwise, paranoia or distrust can arise, perhaps surrounding a friend or group process. Mercury in Scorpio is best used for investigation, research, deep therapeutic digging. It’s a great day for a therapy session. You might find a nugget of gold buried amidst your current pain or drama.

Moon in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius: This analytical aspect seeks healing solutions and calls forth dedication to creating renewed health and adventure in your current life scenario. It can also be hyper-critical, great for editing or giving tough-love advice.

Tue November 14

Moon/Mars conjunction in Virgo: Keep in mind the Jupiter/Venus love portal is still very much influencing us, and today’s activist Moon/Mars conjunction in service-oriented Virgo sparks an overwhelming need to act upon one’s truths, one’s values, one’s heart directives.

Wed November 15

Moon in Virgo square Pluto/Juno in Sagittarius: This early morning aspect is good for organizing, getting things done, with a potential glitch in who is meant to do what task in regards to the day’s planned events. Double-check your appointment book.

Moon in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries: This late evening aspect is electric and stimulating to the nervous system, and can manifest as a breakdown or a breakthrough. Given that Pallas Athene is in the mix (creative wisdom), artists of all kinds might paint/create late into the night.

Thu November 16

Moon/Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Libra: Arise early again to catch the sliver of the Balsamic (old) Moon teaming up with the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. This can feel like a divine fusion of what we need and what we most desire uniting in a unified Field that the Universe will ultimately deliver to us. Jupiter is the power of faith, trust and optimism to make it so. Feel renewed in your sense of faith, trust and confidence in Self to make it so.

Fri November 17

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Mars in Virgo: Today is the last day of our current SolLunar Cycle, always good for finishing tasks. This stimulating aspects lends focus to our minds and ability to stay on task, bringing order and organization of our environments.

Sun enters sidereal Scorpio: Tomorrow’s New SolLunar Cycle arrives in deep-diving, fierce Scorpio. But today our illumination of Sun makes it’s annual entrance into sidereal Scorpio, perhaps making us more tired, more private or inward, delving deeper into our own inner Mystery, which can feel both exciting and scary all at once. Blessed New Moon to you tomorrow!

“Misty Morning” acrylic painting by Alison Brush


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