“Lyn is a spiritual guide – a teacher of the stars and universal creation. Her work as a poet, astrologer and oracle for the Earth is transcendent and invaluable. I had the honor of working with Lyn at Teton Science School in Kelly, Wyoming. She is a gifted educator, a reservoir of wisdom and a secret agent of change. If you have not engaged with her work, you must!”

~ Frank Carter, Assistant Director for Advancement
The Taft-Nicholson Center for Environmental Humanities Education, University of Utah

“Reading Lyn Dalebout’s poetry is like digging your hands into the Earth and pulling up precious stones: rubies, sapphires, emeralds and garnets… an organic voice born out of the Northern Rockies.”

~ Terry Tempest Williams
Author of When Women were Birds

“Lyn Dalebout is a sublime sibylline seer of the cosmic mind. Her EarthSky Oracle guides us to respond nimbly to the psychological and spiritual opportunities in this portentous time of personal and planetary change.”

~ Bill Plotkin
Author of Soulcraft, Nature and the Human Soul and Wild Mind
Animas Valley Institute

“Thank you Lyn for inspiring our graduate students. Our teachers were so energized after working with you. The sense of relationships and trust developed in the midst of a workshop encourages all participants to take risks and imagine the impossible as educators, poets, and scientists. At the end of a day spent with you, students see more clearly, think more carefully and feel more deeply about their relationship with one another and with the Earth.”

~ April Landale
Director of Field Education and Community Programs at Teton Science Schools

“I highly recommend Lyn Dalebout for your sidereal reading.”

~ Nick Anthony Fiorenza
Sidereal Astrology Pioneer and

“I have had the great fortune to have my chart read by Lyn at several key times since I was 19 years old. Over two decades of life, Lyn’s readings have given me a profound and creative way to understand my journey and my personality. Lyn is so TUNED IN to her clients and what she shares is at once empowering, uplifting, deep and challenging. She is enormously gifted and we are lucky to have her in our community.”

~ Meg Daly

“Lyn’s reading of our combined charts helped us move forward into marriage by showing us our conjoined paths. The reading was intriguing , insightful and affirming. Well worth the time and money spent!”

~ Laurie and John

“Lyn’s weekly posts and annual updates have guided me through several years of challenge and growth in our family as well as in my personal life. I deeply appreciate her alerts to possible openings, things to watch for, and subtle opportunities for healing and growth that could otherwise be missed. I’ve shared her posts with our sons as they faced difficult times, always hoping they will hear and feel Lyn’s encouraging voice thru her language of astrology. Her work is a gift to me and my family. We are so grateful.”

~ Nancy G.
MS-Regis University

“In Depth Psychology, we are trained to have an eye on the ‘forces at work’ on an individual, couple or collective.  We refer to these, in part, as ‘archetypes’, universal energies exerting powerful influences. Each individual has a number of archetypes present in their field. Access to this tapestry of influence can be revealed through astrology or what we call an archetypal map.  Lyn Dalebout’s work, which is both concrete and intuitive, has given me access to the archetypal forces in my life, providing a stunning glimpse of the ineffable cosmos.  Through Lyn, the invisible becomes visible.”

~ Michal Brimm, PhD
Depth Psychology

Lyn the poet, cosmic goddess and channeler of the divine.
A trusted guide for understanding our inner workings.
A loving voice to support our magnificent unfolding.
A powerful witness as we birth who we are!

~ DeeElle
Dragonlady Teas

“So often we get stuck in the unconscious habitual loop of our minds.  For me personally, Lyn’s readings offer new and fresh insight into my own life and the world around me; they lift me up into larger perspectives of awareness and help me to navigate the tricky cosmic currents at play in my own unfolding.”
~ Weston Pew
Visionary and creator the Sacred Door Trail