Poetry by Lyn Dalebout

“Elephants” by Sue Ewald Cedarholm

EarthWord is Poetry

Lyn Dalebout has spent her lifetime exploring nature,writing, spirituality and astrology. Poetry is an art form which allows Lyn to express her deepest experience in all of these areas of life. It is a canvas on which the natural world converges with the spirit world. Lyn is grateful to share her poetry in text and voice, and hopes to inspire in others a deeper appreciation of this stunningly beautiful, diverse, radiant creation.

Published Poetry

Out of the Flames

ISBN: 0-9655247-0-1
Blue Bison Press, 1996
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Earth is the Book (excerpt)

Here is the spine:
a fractal ridge, sturdy binding

Here is the page:
trumpeter swan, vellum feathers

Here is the print:
tracks each morning, visitors at night

Here is the text:
snowed in poems, released in spring


prayer flags
from the poles
shaken out
like thai silk
iridescent threads
like speech
from angels
to the earth

prismatic voice of sky
holds song
alights the night

the inner breath
of beings
beyond our sight

a wedding poem

In this Grand Canyon
that is your love,
this vast and wild space
that is your love,

hold it open,
keep it open.

Sun and storms
will come and go,
waters will rise and recede,
and what remains
is fertile ground,
love renewed, and ever renewing.

This Grand Canyon,
sometimes a chasm,
is always
a container for your love.

So hold it open,
keep it open,

with listening and listening
and deeper listening to each other.

A Commissioned Gift of Words. © 2009