Gift of Words

“Hand Heart” by Priscilla Marden

Lyn Dalebout loves to write poetry and prose for special occasions and events. Her passion for nature and ceremony combined with her strong intuition and illustrative writing style make commissioned writing a natural fit. Whether writing for a wedding, an anniversary, or a rite of passage, commissioned writing will make an event forever unique and memorable. If you are interested in giving a Gift of Words, please email Lyn to set up a consultation appointment.

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A message from Lyn

The Gift

I would be honored to write commissioned poetry for your special occasion. I especially love to do this kind of writing. It is so intimate and profoundly honors of the individuality and gifts unique to each person. I have written poems for life’s key ceremonies: weddings, graduations, birthdays, memorials, and other rites of passage.

The Process

I combine my skills as both astrologer and poet in writing these poems. I study the astrological information of the ones receiving the gift to get a sense of who they are, or how a couple might be together. I interweave that insight with my intuitive, poetic skills to write the poems.

The Result

My clients take delight in the personal touch of something designed just for their beloveds.