EarthSky Oracle: Total Solar Eclipse ~ August 21 2017

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This Bridge Across Time ~ Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

Originally published in Teton Spirit/New WU Magazine by Lyn Dalebout 

Thank you, dear friend, Marybeth Minter,  for this photograph of our mystical Sun.

@2017 Lyn ~All Rights Reserved

The Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) of August 21, 2017 is a crossing, a passage, a bridge across time, especially for the USA. The last time a TSE covered the entirety of America, coast to coast, was 1918 and the next time will be 2045. If you travel to the swath of totality, expect to see day literally becoming night, with purple-blue supernatural shadows, stars suddenly shining, and the diamond ring of the Sun’s corona at totality. If you are fortunate to be in a wild place, you will be encompassed in unearthly silence as the land, birds and animals hush themselves, experiencing what must be an eerie holy moment, even to them. Everyone in America will experience at least a Partial Solar Eclipse, but they will not experience the above visceral mysteries. For our region, the TSE will arrive at the western part of Idaho before 11:25 am MDT and leave Wyoming around 11:49 am MDT. Here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we will experience the supernatural moment of totality at 11:36 AM and it will last for 22 seconds.

Briefly, here’s what defines a TSE, which always takes place on a New Moon. Our Moon passes between our Sun and our Earth, casting a circle of shadow upon the Sun. It is moment of exquisite celestial geometry, rare beyond measure. Spiritually, this symbolizes an opportunity to courageously align the conscious light of Self (who you are becoming) of with the subconscious depths of your Soul (who you’ve been). Earth plays a central role, offering a home to ground-truth the many gifts of your past and future selves, as you commit to live more fully the totality of your Self.

Eclipse cycles bring endings and new beginnings, encompass a six-month span of time, and are ideal times to set intentions, make plans. Release what has out-lived its usefulness, and claim emerging desires so you can live in radiant vitality and fertile creativity going forward.

Eclipses come in pairs. The upcoming August TSE was preceded by the almost Total Eclipse of Feb 26, 2017, when we began preparing for what’s to come. Think back to what you were pondering or setting in motion at that time. During that Eclipse, both Sun and Moon were aligned with Neptune (imagination, divine Love) and the South Lunar Node (recalling the past). They conjoined in sidereal Aquarius, the Waterman, an astrological sign that represents sources of nourishment (especially water) that sustain every living being. Aquarius sparks future ingenuity, and expresses as an aquamarine clarity of compassion that nurtures the rainbow diversity of humanity. February’s Eclipse was about remembering community, our common unity.

The already legendary TSE of August 21, 2017, evokes the power of our individuality. Sun, Moon and North Lunar Node (future destiny) meet up in sidereal Leo, the Lion, a sign of personal creativity, leadership and joy. The exceptional celestial gift of this particular TSE is that it aligns with the star of royalty, Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, a star that demands we live a life of integrity, following foremost the insights that come from our unique inner directives. Listening deeply to our heart’s truth, we discover how we can most benefit and serve, from our joy, our wider communities. August’s TSE offers an unprecedented opportunity to activate new creative directions and step up to an expanded level of leadership that is coming your way. We are all leaders when we trust our inner knowing and follow through with earthly actions.

Given the importance this Eclipse will have for America, we citizens are being guided to remember the original founding principles upon which this nation was built, to follow through with individual and collective actions that fulfill the promise of our destiny as a nation.

May these insights help you utilize and celebrate the august gift of August’s Total Solar Eclipse, sure to be a crossing, a passage, a healing bridge that spans time.


“Sunrise over the Sleeping Indian” photo by Lyn Dalebout


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