Sidereal Astrology Readings

“Water in the Desert” photograph by Lyn Dalebout

The Sky Language

Astrological charts are maps and with the proper understanding we can use these maps to more easily navigate the unfolding of our lives.  Let me take a close look at your relationship to the sun, moon and planets and guide you toward a deeper understanding of yourself, your gifts and your relationships. Unravel your life mysteries with an astrological reading for yourself or your beloveds.

I have developed a unique way of reading the astrological chart by combining elements of the Tropical Zodiac with Sidereal Astrology. With the Tropical Zodiac, I can identify patterns from unconscious conditioning, expectations, and outlived modes of being. I bridge this information with the sidereal map, which articulates how to live authentically in the present and how to create a happier, healthier and more fully-engaged life.

Choose a reading

Gather your birth information, including date, time and location. I offer periodic discounts so be sure to sign up for the EarthSky Oracle to receive emails filled with astrological insights and information about seasonal specials.

Natal Maps

Get to know yourself with this first-time reading of your sidereal birth map. Reading includes the interpretation of your natal astrological chart, transits, progressions, and solar returns.
Reading fee: $240

Natal Map Updates

For repeat clients, Natal Map Updates are helpful around birthdays and during life transitions. This reading includes transits, progressions, solar returns and midpoints.
Reading fee: $160

Consultation (by the hour)

For repeat clients, check in to your astrological climate to help negotiate your life path.
One-hour consultation: $100 / Half-hour consultation: $60

Relationship Maps

Compare your chart with that of a lover, friend, co-worker or family member. This reading includes synastry, relationship chart and transits.
Reading fee: $180

Family Dynamic Maps

Let’s examine the complexity of relationships in your family.   This reading includes synastry, relationship chart and transits. Fee determined by number of people involved in the reading. “This has saved my years of therapy,” one enlightened client said.

Newborn Birth Maps

To read the chart of a newborn is the greatest honor. I will provide insight into the talents and gifts of the newborn so as to help a parent understand the magnificence of their baby Being.
Reading fee: $125

Pet Maps

Gain wondrous insight into your beloved pet and how the two of you interact.
Reading fee: $160

Organization, Business and Corporate Maps

These charts will decipher the most effective ways to work together as a team.

Rites of Passage Maps

This reading is designed specifically for adolescents, graduates and young adults. The perfect graduation gift.
Reading fee: $160

Final Passage Maps

Look into the moment of death. This insightful tool will help make sense of this difficult passage.
Reading fee: $160

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